Unroasted Argan Oil

100ml / 200ml | Cold pressed Argan Oil from unroasted kernels; flavourless but with the same fantastic nutritional properties as our other varieties.


Our Argan Oil is

  • 100% pure and natural
  • made using unroasted kernels
  • cold-pressed using a mechanical press
  • produced by our artisan partner cooperatives in Morocco
  • perfect for adding nutritious goodness to your meal without the nutty flavour

Contained in a beautiful glass bottle, sealed with a cork and cellulose-based fully bio-degradable shrink-sleeve.


Nutritional properties of Argan Oil

Argan Oil is greatly valued for its high Vitamin E content and unsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E, also called tocopherols, comes in different forms: vitamin E α-Tocopherol, β-Tocopherol, δ-Tocopherol and γ-Tocopherol. 
  • Argan Oil is particularly rich in natural γ-Tocopherol. As a fat-soluble antioxidant, Vitamin E- γ interrupts the propagation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) generated by biological stress mechanisms (e.g. UV radiation from excessive sun exposure) and therefore contributes to the protection from low level of inflammation and tissue ageing.
  • Helps to protect the skin against UV damage.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help in wound healing.
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Product Code: TOA-002C-100
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