Our Story

 Opening the Argan nut

Where it all began

We first fell in love with Argan Oil whilst being on holiday in Morocco. As we travelled through the semi-desert of south-western Morocco, we could just see Argan trees! Argan Oil was also distinctively present in the most beautifully rich and flavoursome Moroccan dishes. As we began making friends and learned more about the Moroccan culture, we began to realise that we wanted to introduce this fantastic artisan secret to Chefs and Gourmets in the UK whilst directly supporting Moroccan women cooperatives. After much researching and visiting, we found the best tasting, highest quality Argan Oil from artisan cooperatives that also supported their women employees with education. We then decided to establish The Taste of Argan Oil as a registered food business in the UK and introduce culinary Argan Oil to Chefs and Gourmets with the promotion of a healthier lifestyle and socioeconomic support at the heart of what we do. 

What we are passionate about

We are passionate about working directly with our Moroccan partner cooperatives and supporting them so that we can maintain a sustainable and ethical Argan Oil culture. Our partner cooperatives use Argan fruits that have been protected from animals and they make Argan Oil using traditional methods according to artisan secrets that have been passed down generations. This family secret varies from cooperative to cooperative and so we were sure to pick the best tasting Argan Oil for you to enjoy.  

The Taste of Argan Oil supports partner cooperatives through own Initiatives. In August 2016, we launched a Crowdfunding Initiative on Crowdfunder - Sustainable Argan Oil by Moroccan Women - that aimed to raise £2,000 to directly support our partner women cooperatives in Morocco. The £2,000 aimed to provide every woman working at the cooperative with basic health care (including annual eye tests, GP consultation and prescription-free medicine), as well as supporting the cooperatives' Initiative to provide free education to all employees. We now share 10% of every purchase with our Moroccan partner cooperatives in order to support their fantastic work. 


Our promise

The Taste of Argan Oil shall be The Good in Everything
By buying from The Taste of Argan Oil, you support Moroccan women with education through the programmes run by our partner Argan Oil cooperatives. The Taste of Argan Oil endeavours to sell only ethically sourced Argan Oil by visiting carefully selected Argan Oil cooperatives regularly. We bottle our Argan Oil straight from the press to ensure that we provide you with only natural and high quality Argan Oil. No preservatives, no pesticides or herbicides, no added artifical flavouring or colouring; just untreated natural Argan Oil.

  • Unroasted Argan Oil


    100ml / 200ml | Cold pressed Argan Oil from unroasted kernels; flavourless but with the same fantastic nutritional properties as our other varieties.

  • Classic Culinary Argan Oil


    100ml / 200ml | Our delicious cold pressed Classic Argan Oil has a fantastic smoky and nutty taste. 500ml and 1 litre sizes are available on request.

  • FREE Culinary Argan Oil Sample


    30ml | Have a Gourmet Sampling Session of Classic / Traditional Argan Oil on us.

  • Beauty Argan Oil Set


    30ml, 10ml and 30ml Beauty Argan Oil | This set contains your six month supply of beauty goodness. (Worth £29.85)