Beauty Argan Oil

Pure natural Beauty Argan Oil

The Taste of Argan Oil offers only natural beauty Argan Oil that is 100% pure and gentle to sensitive skin: paraben-free, alcohol-free and preservative-free. Straight from the press, nothing added, nothing taken away. Our beauty Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin E, which is said to improve skin and hair health by acting as an excellent moisturiser.

The secret source of beauty

Moroccan Beauty Argan Oil suitable for skin and hair care is cold pressed by a mechanic press followed by filtering procedure. One litre of Argan Oil is made from ~ 35kg of fresh (plumb sized) fruits of Argan tree (Argania spinosa), which yields ~ 2.7kg of kernels. This traditional process involves manual labour and usually takes up to 15 hours in order to generate 1 litre of our high quality, odourless Argan Oil. 

Properties of Argan Oil

Vitamin E
Vitamin E stimulates oxygeneration in cells, where the skin becomes more elastic, smooth and shiny through the restoration of the skin cells' hydrophilic layer.

Unsaturated fatty acids
Argan Oil is also naturally rich in unsaturated fatty acids (>80%) . Unsaturated fatty acids can promote cell hydration to make the skin well moisturised, revitalised and nourished.

Argan Oil contains a high amount of Squalene, which is said to act as an antioxidant and help reduce cellular damage caused to the skin. The properties of Squalene could help to reduce signs of Eczema and help strengthen nails the naturally.

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Beauty Argan Oil Roll-On
10ml | Soothing natural Argan Oil suitable for facial application.
FREE Beauty Argan Oil Sample
7ml | Rejuvenate your skin on us.
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Beauty Argan Oil Spray
10ml / 30ml | Moisturising natural Argan Oil suitable for hair and facial application.
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Beauty Argan Oil Dispenser
30ml | Our dispenser allows an easy-to-use full-body application to give your body a well deserved treat.
Argan Oil Traditional Set
100ml Traditional Culinary and 10ml Beauty Argan Oil| Give the gift of exquisite tasting meals in addition to a beauty revival.