About Argan Oil

The Argan tree: The tree of life

The precious Argan Oil is produced from the seeds of the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa), which only grows in south-western Morocco. The Argan tree can live 150 to 200 years and produces its yellow (plum-like) fruits every other year during the dry months (July till September). UNESCO has certified the Argan tree forests that spread over 1,970,000 acres throughout the semi-desert. The 30 meter long roots of the Argan tree sends water deep into the ground rather than leaving it to dry on the surface, which is important in preventing the desert from advancing further and destroying livelihoods.

The Argan tree itself is a multi-use tree and plays a significant part in Moroccan life:

Producing Argan Oil

Our partner cooperatives use Argan fruits that have been protected from animals, as this is a vital step in achieving the best quality and tastiest Argan Oil.

How to produce 1 litre of rare Argan Oil:

Our Argan Oil is tested for authenticity, purity and food safety by an independent UK food quality analytical laboratory ensuring a consistent superior quality of each pressing.

Nutritional properties of Argan Oil

Argan Oil is not only greatly appreciated for its deliciously nutty taste and versatile dressing application, it is also valued for its high Vitamin E content and unsaturated fatty acids.

Vitamin E

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  • Unroasted Argan Oil


    100ml / 200ml | Cold pressed Argan Oil from unroasted kernels; flavourless but with the same fantastic nutritional properties as our other varieties.

  • Classic Culinary Argan Oil


    100ml / 200ml | Our delicious cold pressed Classic Argan Oil has a fantastic smoky and nutty taste. 500ml and 1 litre sizes are available on request.

  • FREE Culinary Argan Oil Sample


    30ml | Have a Gourmet Sampling Session of Classic / Traditional Argan Oil on us.