Culinary Argan Oil


The Taste of Argan Oil selects the tastiest Argan Oil for UK Chefs and Gourmets: straight from Moroccan artisan cooperatives to your table. Culinary Argan Oil beautifully dresses salads or acts as a finishing drizzle over steak or fish to deeply enhance your meal and contribute to a healthy diet. Argan Oil's rich Vitamin E content provides your body with a boost of goodness. Vitamin E (Tocopherol) acts as an antioxidant, helps with lipid balance, supports a healthy immune sustem, heart and circulation. Argan Oil is also naturally rich in unsaturated fatty acids (>80%) . Unsaturated fatty acids are associated with cardioprotective qualities and promote cell hydration to make the skin well mosturised, revitalised and nourished.

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Precious and delicious

One litre of culinary Argan Oil is made from ~ 35kg of fresh (plumb sized) fruits of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa), which only grows in certain areas of Morocco, which provide ~ 2.7kg of kernels. The Argan kernels are then mildly roasted before mechanically or stone mill pressed, filtered and bottled at our cooperatives. This process usually lasts up to 15 hours to generate 1 litre of our high quality, great-tasting culinary Argan Oil of Morocco for healthy cooking. The use of a stone mill, operated by hand, represents a more traditional and labour intensive way of producing gourmet Moroccan Argan Oil. Traditional pressed culinary Argan Oil is only available in limited quantities and is primarily used by professional chefs and caterers. 

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Classic Culinary Argan Oil
100ml / 200ml | Our delicious cold pressed Classic Argan Oil has a fantastic smoky and nutty taste.
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FREE Culinary Argan Oil Sample
30ml | Have a Gourmet Sampling Session of Classic / Traditional Argan Oil on us.
Traditional Culinary Argan Oil
100ml / 200ml | Our exquisite cold pressed Traditional Argan Oil has a deeper and nuttier taste compared to the Classic variety.
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Argan Oil Essence Set
100ml Classic Culinary and 10ml Beauty Argan Oil| Give the gift of exquisite tasting meals in addition to a beauty revival.
Argan Oil Traditional Set
100ml Traditional Culinary and 10ml Beauty Argan Oil| Give the gift of exquisite tasting meals in addition to a beauty revival.