Signature Dishes with Argan Oil by Chef Richard Ashmead

A Signature Dish by Chef Richard Ashmead

Signature Dishes by Chef Richard Ashmead

The Taste of Argan Oil had the great pleasure of working with Chef Richard Ashmead, who has crafted recipes featuring our deliciously nutty Argan Oil into his Signature Dishes. His Signature Dishes please everyone from the meat-lover to the vegetarian to the vegan.

Every few weeks we will reveal another Signature Dish, so that dressing and marinating your food with Argan Oil can transform your cooking into a stress-free, enjoyable and health focused adventure, where dishes are bursting with flavour.

Chef Richard Ashmead’s ‘Mango, Lime and Argan Oil Dressing’ recipe to start the week inspired! The dressing goes beautifully as a salad dressing or as a side dish to meat or vegetarian curry.

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Couscous Marrakesh by Moroccan Food

The Taste of Argan Oil recommends Couscous Marrakesh by Moroccan Food

Photographed sourced from Moroccan Food’s website

This week we recommend you try the Couscous Marrakesh recipe by Moroccan Food, a fantastic, easy to make, traditional Moroccan side dish suitable for many dishes, including fish, meat and steamed vegetables. Not a fan of Olive Oil? The nutty Argan Oil flavour is also a delicious addition!