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Our Crowdfunding Initiative ended on 10th September 2016.


Since establishing The Taste of Argan Oil, our Moroccan partner cooperatives have always been at the heart of what we do. To extend our support, we have launched a Crowdfunding Initiative, where the money raised goes directly to the cooperatives that provide us with fantastic culinary gourmet and beauty Argan Oil.

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We would like to extend our support of traditional Moroccan women cooperatives in today’s Argan Oil market, where they are competing against businesses that are commercialising their trade. We are passionate about the traditional women cooperatives, because their Argan Oil is high quality, unprocessed and pure. It should be the traditional women cooperatives who should gain the recognition, not the factories who make the Argan Oil synthetically. Without supporting these women cooperatives, the secrets of the perfect Argan kernel roasting to produce the best tasting Argan Oil will not be passed onto the next generation and thus, we all miss out on all the Argan Oil’s nutritional goodness in its pure and natural form. In recognition of women’s hard work at the cooperatives, we feel we should give something back. We wish to improve the lives of the women with the money you donate by providing medical care and education for them. In turn, this also helps the traditional cooperatives to compete against factories, by keeping the cooperatives attractive places for the women to work at.

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What makes a good Argan Oil source?

Like with any oil, Argan Oil can greatly differ in taste. Although the Argan trees grow in the area of south-western Morocco, we have found considerable differences between the taste of Argan Oil and their stability (shelf-life).

The main reasons for the differences in the taste of Argan Oil is the quality of the Argan fruits and the production methods. For a good Argan Oil source, the Argan fruits need to come from farmers that have protected their Argan trees from the goats. Although, goats in the Argan trees is a lovely touristic image, in reality, the goats are not the Argan trees’ friends, because they damage the trees.

Before we set up The Taste of Argan Oil, we spent time sampling and testing the shelf-life of Argan Oil from different cooperatives and found that the high-quality, best tasting Argan Oil came from cooperatives that used traditional production methods, had a high standard of cleanliness and a good working environment for the women. Cooperatives that had a good working environment offered, for example, free education to the women, as well as enabling them to earn their own money working at the cooperative.

We at The Taste of Argan Oil have established strong relationships with our selected partner women cooperatives, who supply us with delicious culinary gourmet Argan Oil. We would like to promote their brilliant artisan methods of producing Argan Oil by launching a Crowdfunding initiative, where The Taste of Argan Oil raises money for things that our partner women cooperatives need, for example, medicine and work clothes. We believe that by supporting the women cooperatives directly, any money raised can be used for the women at the cooperative without a middle-man deducting a percentage. We are launching the Crowdfunding Initiative soon, so keep posted!