Discover the Chocolate Brownie with Argan Oil Recipe

Chocolate brownie

Love chocolate and nutty flavours?

Chef Philip Mayo has crafted a delicious brownie recipe that introduces a wider range of flavours and nutrients to your brownies.

“The nuttiness of the Argan Oil gives these brownies a whole new flavour. If you want to make them even more indulgent, I would recommend adding 100g white chocolate chips into the mix just before baking them. This means that you will have little pockets of melted white chocolate in the brownies once they’re baked.” 
Why not surprise your loved ones with a creative, nutty twist of Argan Oil in your brownies?
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Introducing Chef Philip Mayo

Chef Philip Mayo_The Taste of Argan Oil

Chef expertise at The Taste of Argan Oil

The Taste of Argan Oil is very pleased to be working with Chef Philip Mayo, Head Pastry Chef at The Daffodil in Cheltenham.

About Philip

“I’ve been to working as a Chef for over 6 years and I’ve worked in the Cotswold and the Forest of Dean in award winning kitchens. I first wanted to become a chef at a young age – I love to experiment with new ideas and flavours. I have a wide range of culinary experience including Italian, fine dining and classical French. I want to show you how easy it is to make restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of your own home, that’s guaranteed to wow everyone!”

Discover Philip’s signature recipes

Signature Dishes with Argan Oil by Chef Richard Ashmead

A Signature Dish by Chef Richard Ashmead

Signature Dishes by Chef Richard Ashmead

The Taste of Argan Oil had the great pleasure of working with Chef Richard Ashmead, who has crafted recipes featuring our deliciously nutty Argan Oil into his Signature Dishes. His Signature Dishes please everyone from the meat-lover to the vegetarian to the vegan.

Every few weeks we will reveal another Signature Dish, so that dressing and marinating your food with Argan Oil can transform your cooking into a stress-free, enjoyable and health focused adventure, where dishes are bursting with flavour.

Chef Richard Ashmead’s ‘Mango, Lime and Argan Oil Dressing’ recipe to start the week inspired! The dressing goes beautifully as a salad dressing or as a side dish to meat or vegetarian curry.

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Culinary Gourmet Argan Oil


Discover our 100ml and 200ml bottles of Culinary Gourmet Argan Oil from roasted Argan kernels pressed by women at our partner cooperatives in Morocco. Our Argan Oil comes from artisan roasting and pressing, where the secrets of producing the best tasting Argan Oil have been passed down from Amazigh (Berber) generation to generation.

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Let your taste buds be filled with nuttiness and your body fuelled with goodness of Argan Oil.

The Taste of Argan Oil featured in Poco Culina’s vegan artisan dishes

The Taste of Argan Oil featured in Poco Culina's vegan artisan dishes

We are delighted to announce that The Taste of Argan Oil’s Gourmet Argan Oil has been featured in Poco Culina‘s artisan dishes. Poco Culina craft and cook delicious plant-based dishes inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine that is cooked to order and delivered around Cheltenham and the surrounding area.

Couscous Marrakesh by Moroccan Food

The Taste of Argan Oil recommends Couscous Marrakesh by Moroccan Food

Photographed sourced from Moroccan Food’s website

This week we recommend you try the Couscous Marrakesh recipe by Moroccan Food, a fantastic, easy to make, traditional Moroccan side dish suitable for many dishes, including fish, meat and steamed vegetables. Not a fan of Olive Oil? The nutty Argan Oil flavour is also a delicious addition!

Argan Oil vs. Olive Oil

The awareness of Argan Oil is increasing every day, but how is it different to Olive Oil?

For the Gourmets, Argan Oil differs greatly in taste compared to Olive Oil. Argan Oil has a distinct nutty taste, originating from the roasted Argan nut kernels.

For the health-aware, like Olive Oil, Argan Oil is reported to have great health-benefits. The nutritional elements of Argan Oil is similar to other Oils, yet Argan Oil has a unique combination of these elements that link Argan Oil to potential health benefits, such as supporting the normal functions of the immune system and balancing the lipid profile.

So why is Argan Oil so precious? Compared to the 2.4 billion litres of Olive Oil, only 11 million litres of Argan Oil are produced a year. To produce Olive Oil, you only need around 5kg of olives to produce a litre, compared to 30kg of Argan fruits to produce a litre of Argan Oil. The difference in production is also due to the factor that the Argan tree only grows in Morocco, the Argan tree itself produces fruit only every other year (with a full harvest of one Argan tree producing only one litre of Argan Oil) and the Argan Oil’s production method is very labour intensive (about 15 hours per litre).

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